Wellness Wednessday 6: Relief Red Skin

Hi lovely fellas!

Five days ago, I've already wrote my natural remedy for cough. I wrote it in Bahasa Indonesia but you surely can translate it with translate button in the sidebar. For Wellness Wednesday today, I will share you my true and tested beauty secret. I am not beauty guru to share you about my beauty tips, but I'm sure this tips would be usefull for you who like to travel in the sunny day. Especially if you live or travelling in Equator region.

Just for information. I live in Equator country, Indonesia. I was born in Pontianak, an equator city. That city is super duper hot. You should visit Pontianak if you don't believe me. :D

Further information, I have a very sensitive skin. My skin will become red if I do outdoor activities. It may get worse if I get overly emotional or eat a very spicy food. Too bad. I love spicy foods..

So, can you imagine this: outdoor activities + equator area + sensitive skin (+ spicy food)? Yes, red face skin! :(

Redness in face is so uncomfortable and sometimes can decrease confident. That's why I try many things to relief this. Some people suggest me to use aloe vera gel as a natural mask. The aloe vera gel will calm red skin. Aloe vera can easily found in Pontianak, but since I do not know how to process it correctly (it itch my sensitive skin) and I am too lazy to make the natural one, I need buy the instant one. More money to spend. So I prefer to use another calming ingredient: cucumber!

Cucumber, Mentimun, Timun
Yes, Cucumber!
(flickr/ Karen and Brad Emerson)

Just cut a fresh cucumber into thin slice, then place it directly in the skin (that has been cleaned before). For me, thin slice is better than the thick one because it easier to place it in my face. I like to place it all over my face including my eyelid. Leave it about ten to fifteen minutes, then rinse with water. As much as I try, it always help me relief my skin's redness. ^^

My Mom said she likes to grate the cucumber first before applying it to her face. I've ever try this way, but personally I do not like it. Cucumber water wets my clothes. In some articles that I've read says that facial mask mixture from cucumber and oatmeal are also good to reduce redness effectively. Unfortunately I never try this one yet. Maybe next time.

I love cucumber mask! It is cheap, natural, and safe-for-all-kind-of-skin-types. Even if you don't get sunburn or redness in your skin, you should try this super easy natural mask. It will freshen up your skin. :)

Ok. I think that's all. I feel sleepy right now. I hope this usefull for you, fellas. Bye!


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