Istiqlal Tower

Masjid Istiqlal Tower Jakarta

I almost forgot to post this because the previous every-Sunday post always on schedule. I run of stock! Hehe. Lucky me, found this photo on my draft, so I remember about it.

Okay, this is one of Masjid Istiqlal towers. I took this picture when visiting Masjid Istiqlal with my beloved family a couple months ago. This masjid known as one of the biggest masjid in South East Asia. As Indonesian, that was my first visit, and it quite impressing. It's so big and wide. Some of you may find it intresting because foreign tourists also think this islamic big building is intresting. But since there are a lot of visitor (probably most of them are tourists like me) you may feel there too crowded.

Frankly, for some reason, I do not like crowd. Crowded make me uncomfortable. But lucky me, we passed through the quiet side of Istiqlal, which is the shortest route from Istiqlal gate to Monas. There, me and my family took a lot of photos. This picture is one of them.. :)