Cay Danlik

Cay danlik

Cay danlik is a two-level-teapot. It is used for making a Turk tea.

As I read its description, the first level pot filled with water and heated while the second level filled with a few teaspoon of tea leaf. After water in first level boiled, the second level poured by the boiling water and placed in the small-fire stove. Half of the hot tea poured on the cup and diluted with hot water and add some sugar. It will create brownish-red tea which is a great colour of Turk tea.

Honestly. I think it's quite complicated way to make a glass of tea, yet interesting. Maybe it has a deep philosophy behind the process? I wonder.. Anyone who know about it, please let me know, ya! :)  Salaam!

This picture was taken on 2012 February 14th. Posted first time on Lensa Khatulistiwa (my deleted photoblog) on 2012 April 26th.