EF#5 BEC For Me

EF is an abbreviation of English Friday which is held by BEC (Blog English Club). That means I should post my blog in English every Friday and link it to BEC blog.

Blog English Club

This week chalange is about "what is BEC to me". (Today is not friday. I just don't have any idea to write.. :p)

At first, I've interested about EF Program in the first week of January, filled the form in the second week, still confused about the mechanism in the third week, and finally posted my first writing in the last week of January. What a long story! :D

As I said in my about page, I want to blog regularly as I can. One of my goal is write in English properly. I want to practice my English. That's why I really wanted to join the club. I wish someone from BEC give me a comment(s) about my writing.

But sadly, until this week (first Friday on February), there is no one from BEC leave any comment my EF post. Not a single admins nor member! Waw.

Comment is not a everything, but I am sure comment gives something to blogger. Little zing. Especially if the post is dedicated to community. So, am I disappointed? Yes, a bit.

That's why I wish admins repair the mechanism so BEC members can keep the spirit of blogging in English.

Although I don't know whether I will continue to join this programme in the next weeks or not, I wish the admins and tutor nothing but the best. I want to thanks them who sacrifice their precious time to reads and corrects a strangers's writing like me. That's hard, even if they get paid..

I think that's it. Enjoy your life, fellas. Bye! ^^