Turk Dance

Indonesian girls performing turk dance

This dance wasn't performed in Turkey nor by Turkey girls but by Indonesian teenage girls in Bogor Agriculture University, West Java, Indonesia (of course still in Turkey Day, hehe). I don't know the name of the dancing, moreover, the philosophy or meaning behind its moves, but I think it's some kind of welcoming dance or something like that.  Beside of the energetic moves, this dance is quite unique because accompanied with trommel wasp and performed by girls who yelled "hei~hei~hei" together.  Looks fun...  :)

Actually I don't really like this photo because there was an over-exposure part that can't repaired and also not focus well. but since I interested about it and don't forget, I own this blog! lol so I post it here to share with you.

This picture was taken on 2012 February 14th. Posted first time on Lensa Khatulistiwa (my deleted photoblog) on 2012 April 20th.