Van Kedisi

Van Kedisi

I found an interesting fact about this printed cini poselain plate. Nothing special at first sight, but if you see it closely, you might be amazed as I did. Even when I wrote this post, I still wonder about it..

Yap! The cat left and right eyes is different, if you notice.

Let me intoduce you to Van Kedisi a.k.a "Van Cat". Van is a name of city that located in West Turkey. This city have a unique cat, called Van Kedisi which has different eye colour (like shown on the artistic plate above). Turkman said that we can only find this cat in Van City.

I hope I can visit Turkey someday. (aamiin). I want to see Van Kedisi!

This picture was taken on 2012 February 14th. Posted first time on Lensa Khatulistiwa (my deleted photoblog) on 2012 April 19th.
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