Violet Lotus

Violet Lotus

In Asian culture, lotus is a symbol of purity. Probably because it can grow to a beautiful flower in a muddy soil. This water plant has a thin layer wax on its surface so it is waterproof (unless the wax layer break apart).There are a lot of varieties of lotus. In this photo, the petal is violet with yellow center. It so contrast and attractive. I like it very much, it refreshin' my eyes! ^_^

This was a violet lotus that i saw when me and my classmates visited HB Garden Guest House in Cinangneng, Bogor (West Java-Indonesia), for field trip.

Picture was taken on Cinangneng, Bogor, March 2012. Posted first time on Lensa Khatulistiwa (my old photoblog) at 28th April 2012.


  1. Ini kan bunga lili air,betul gak sih?kalau difoto dari dekat kelihatan bagus bgt, apalagi kalau yang warna2 bunganya berbeda.

  2. bunganya jadi seperti craft ya mbak...padahal itu bunga asli kan? hehe
    so beautiful :D


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