I have a complicated relationship with my only-one-sister, Lia. She, as sanguinis person, almost always smile and laugh and share her happines to the world around her. On the othe hand, me, as a melancholy one, who like to cry for little things, or when she irritated me. But she inspired me with her smile, joy, and happines.
I think i can't smile and  think in this way, like i do now, without her.

She's fun, yes. But not everytime, of course.

Just like others relationship, we also share tears, and sadness.
I still remember when we were a kid, me and her fighted, sometimes. But it cant too long. Our parents always says to share what you have and love, so does our religion. So, until now, i thanks to God for what i'm now, for what have ever to my life and for everything and everyone that ever colour my life, like my lovely sister, Lia.

I love her, coz Allah...