Gerratak Batu

Gerratak Batu

Gerratak Batu is a Sambas Malayan terminology. Gerratak means "bridge" and Batu means "rock". Although it was not made of a real rock but concrete, this two word is used to define the bridge from the other two: Gerratak Sabbo' and Gerratak Asam...

This photo viewed the bridge scene from Kampong Manggis side. I took it at 06.53 WIB using my sister's camera pocket. Gerattak Batu is one of colonialism heritage in Sambas City. It works fine until now, but unfortunately its width was too narrow for two large vehicles like bus and truck to passing by at the same time. Maybe in the past, vehicles was not as bigger as today, or as much as today. Despite of it, I do really hope Sambas would taking care of its cultural heritage...

Picture was taken on 18th November 2010. Posted first time on Lensa Khatulistiwa (my old photo blog) at 17th April 2012.


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