Wellness Wednesday 2: Inner Peace

Inner Peace
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Hi friends!

Today I'll try to write my post about inner peace in English. Since it's not my mother language, it's hard but I'll try my best. Hope you enjoy it! ^^
*ganbatte Yanet!

What is inner peace?

For me, inner peace is a nice feeling that give me happinesss deep in my heart. It's priceless, hard to find but worth to try.

How to get inner peace?

IMHO. The first way to get that peace feeling is by accept ourself. For me, accept ourself means thanks to God for everything I have. Being grateful also means: good or bad our condition today, that's always His best scenario for us.

As human, sometimes we forget an important thing: "a wants is not always a needs". Of course it's good to do things to reach a goal (wants).

".. Indeed, Allah (does) not change the condition of a people, until they change what (is) in themselves." (QS 13:11)

But we also have to remember that everything we have today is always best for us. We just don't realize it immediately.

"...and it may be that you dislike a thing which is good for you and that you like a thing which is bad for you. Allah knows but you do not know." (QS 2: 216)

Hemmm, He never forget to gives the best for us. It's us, who seldom remember to gives our best to God.. :(

Try our best, let God do the rest. ~annonym

The other thing that I think we need to practice to get inner peace is stop comparing self with others. Comparing is good, but if we do it too often, it will hurt ourself. It'll grow a jealousy: sad when someone is happy and happy when someone is sad. It's very terrible feeling! And this habit is dangerous for self esteem, too. Sometime it helps to build self-confident, but it doesn't work everytime... Less is more is always the best. Be moderate. And by the way "Nothing is good if it just too much", that's Bang Roma Irama told us in his song.
*Roma Irama is an Indonesian dangdut singer. LOL.

Keep in mind that what we achieved and what we can't achieved today are a normal things. Same things happen to others (but in different form): they maybe success in one thing but they also fail in another, just like us. None is perfect, right?

Actually, I made this article to remind self, but if it work for you too, it will be great! I hope this will be useful for everyone who want to get an inner peace. :)

Okey, that's it for today. I'm so tired writing in English.. lol. See you next week in another Wellness Wednesday post. Bye!