Reflected in The River

Bright sun, cloudy sky, riparian settlements reflected in the river...

Reflected in The River (by Delyanet Karmoni)

This is Sambas River, photographed by me. I took this photo at 6.57 o'clock in the peaceful morning. What a beautiful morning! The river looks so calm, beautiful, and also mysterious. Visit Sambas and enjoy this scene by yourself! :D

Sambas River located in Sambas City, West Kalimantan. The river has a cultural significance, but unfortunately nowadays the water was contaminated by illegal gold mining activities. I am so sad thinking about this. I hope the government concern about this issue and solve it as soon as possible.

Picture was taken on 18th November 2010. Posted first time on Lensa Khatulistiwa (my old photoblog) at 12th April 2012.