Wellness Wednesday 3: Why I love My Body

Hi guys. I've choose prompt number 3 for my Wellness Wednesday this week. I have already typed it before Wednesday, but I thought it wasn't good enough. Then.. Here I am. In the cloudy Saturday morning, I have no ideas to make this post better. I don't want left myself behind, so I decided to post it right away. So sorry for late post!

Why I love my body?

Body is an entire physical structure of an organism, opposed to the spirit. ~ thefreedictionary.com 

In my humble opinion, although body is an opposed to the spirit, the fully acceptance of body itself must be done by a soul. It's about balancing the two.

Loving body means grateful for every single strenghts and weaknesses that we have physically. It is not easy, especially when the actual appearance is not match with the expected appearance. Disappointed feeling will come a rise. Loving a body just a dream!

Perfectly Imperfect

I've already heard about nice quotes like "don't judge a book by its cover" or "be yourself" for the entire of my life. I just knew it, I said it, but I didn't really understand it. Yes, understand the meaning of something sometimes takes time.

Time goes by. I am happy for who I am now, for my body as well. I love my body because this body is the one-and-only body where my soul laid by God. This body is not perfect as I wished for, but this is the perfect body for me!

Of course as teenager I ever protested God, why did He gave me this body. Why didn't He gave me that barbie look that everyone love. With that flat tummy, big boobs, tall body, sharp nose, pretty face, etc. Why do some people are good looking and the rest are just so so? Why God is so unfair?

Then I realized. Barbie is just a doll, Yanet! It's a doll to standardize people's mind, that when a girl see this doll, she'll feels bad, fat, ugly, not pretty, etc. Just like I was, so ungrateful for what I have. I did judge myself by my own appearance! :(

Yes, until now I still judge myself, but in a better way (I think). I make up a bit, do favorite sports, do diet, drinks a lot of water, blogging, and other favorite things. That's way I can feel healthy and happy. Feel happy makes me smile and smile good for body and soul. Yeah! :D  *endless loop*

Okaaay, I think that's it. Hope you enjoy this short post and hope you love your body too. Bye! ;)


  1. What kind of diet that you practice? I'm solo hopeless with any kind of diet things. Hiks

    1. Hai mak Nurul! I am not practice any kind of special diet right now, but I have a lot to type about it. Maybe I will explain it as my WW post next week.

      Thanks for stopping by, Mak Nurul.. :)

    2. mak Nurul, I've already answer your question above in my latest post (but not in WW project). You can check it out here: http://www.delyanet.com/2015/01/sedikit-tentang-saya-dan-diet.html


  2. Wow keren Mak Yanet, you write ini English very well.

    English saya payah sekarang. Padahal dulu pernah ikut lomba menulis bahasa Inggris waktu SMA .... gak dilatih sih hiks

    Eh, ilangfokus .... yup, yang penting sehat ya Mak, mau bagaimana pun badan kita, disyukuri saja :)

    1. Wow, you should try to write in English too, Mak! You know, I never won any writing competition (both in English or Bahasa) yet. :( So you must more confident then me, mak, I mean it! :D Actually I'm not confident with mine too, but still I just wrote it down and posted it and share it. It's not my mother language, so I hope my reader understand that I'm trying. Lets practice English together, Mak Niar.

      Thanks for stopping by and read my English post, mak Niar. Yes, hope we always love our body.. :)

  3. No body is perfect. Barbie is only a doll. That's right. Suka quotenya mak: perfectly imperfect.

    Thank you for linking up yaa..next week lagi okeh.!

    1. Thanks mak Rina. Yes, hope I can link up again this week.. :)


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