What We Ate on Plane

3 kind of fruits

Those photos are taken when I and my husband mudik in 2012. We were flied from Jakarta to Pontianak using one of the best airline in Indonesia. Yes, we both were so excited and happy, especially because we got the promotion tickets. You know, the regular tickets are quite expensive, more expensive than the other airline. But with the high cost, we get high services too.

One of the good services that I and my husband got that time was a good meal. Unexpectedly, we've got 1 kind of Indonesian food, 1 porsion of fruits (consist of 3 different fruits) and 2 kind of baverages in one flight. Special for baverages, it was free to choose. For me, I choose a glass of warm tea while I enjoyed my food, and a glass of cold guava juice after that. It was so refreshing, and I like guava juice's colour: pink! ^0^

guava juice