Wellness Wednesday 4: Morning Routine

For this week post, I choose Wellness Wednesday prompt number 4, about Morning Routine.

First, I have to admit that my morning routine was bad lately : I continue sleep after morning prayer, after that, wake up late. This bad habits ruins my day. I have to rush for the next schedule and that makes me tired physically and emotionally. I don't like it and I know this habit not good for my health too, but it happened again and again and again. The "Morning Routine" prompt from Wellness Wednesday just like a wake up call for me to stop it immediately. I need to commit myself to disscontinue this bad sleeping habit, forever!

To handle this, I need to:

1. Sleep early in the night, so I can wake up early in morning without any lack-of-sleep feeling.

2. Do some physical activities in the morning. Workout or cleaning the house sometimes works to dispel my sleepiness. I should try these everyday.

3. Drink a lot of water after wake up. Drink water in the morning makes me feel fresh. This also cleanse my body, I know. But lately I forgot to do this. Hmmm.. my bad.

4. Take a bath. Rainy morning must not stop me to do this! Use hot water, honey, sweety... #SelfTalk

5. What else? I don't have idea.... But okay then. Four rules to start my day. Four is enough.

If you have any suggestion(s) or experience about repairing your morning routine, please share with me by leave a comment down below. That will help me a lot.

I think that's it for today. Hope you in a good morning routine, my dear friends! Bye!