EF#4 Dokodemo Door

Finally, after found the answer of all the confuseness about how to link up my post and where to go to find out the weekly topic, I decided to join the Blog English Club (BEC) linky party to improve my English. Yey!

Okey, todays topic is about doraemon's tool (read the detail here). Obvious for me, there is no other doraemon's tool that I really want to grab right now, except the dokodemo door aka anywhere door! Yea, you may laugh reading about an adult asking for something unreal like that, but I do believe you want to try that door, too. Don't you? :)

Dokodemo Door, Anywhere door

Dokodemo door is a pink magic door that can bring us to anywhere we want. Just tell our dream destination, open the door and step through it, there we go. So easy. No need to buy a ticket.

Now, why do I want that door?
If you think I will use it for travelling around the world, you were wrong. Unless I know secret place to hide that big and heavy door (cause Doraemon still have his magic pouch with him!).

Just for information, I want to use that door to bring me home. I miss my hometown. I miss my family and friends there, the foods and the atmosphere too. If I use dokodemo door now, I can meet my family in second. I will get a warm hugs and kisses from my parents and sister. I will eat a unique and delicious culinary like cincalok, bubbor paddas, sotong pangkong, tempoyak, bubbor ambo', mie tiaw goreng, mie asin, Bang Coco's bakwan, etc (Hmmm, yummy!) and I will hang out with my family and close friends to Alun-alun Kapuas. After that, I'll back to Bogor right away.

But since the dokodemo door is just a wild imagination of Fujiko Fujio, I decided to make my own "door": kick all the obstacle that stuck me here and buy a ticket as soon as possible. I will go home!

Can't wait for that time. All I want to say now is, Pontianak, wait for me!

Bogor, 30th January 2015