Mount Salak

Mount Salak

Mount Salak is an eroded volcanic range in West Java, Indonesia that has been the site of a geothermal exploration. This mount located astromically at 6°43' LS dan 106°44' BT. This mountain have two craters at the summits.  The first summit named Salak I (2.211 metres from sea level) and the second named Salak II (2.180 metres from sea level). The other summit named Sumbul Summit, 1.926 metres from sea level.  Salak I summit is the oldest part of the mount and Sumbul summit is the youngest one. ~wikipedia.com

This photo was taken on Friday, February 3th, 2012 with my Canon camera.  I like this photo because the sky is clear enough to see Mount Salak.  Yeah, it's not the best shot, I know. But I was lucky because sometimes we can't see this mount clearly like this since it usually covered by thick fog. What a pity..

Picture was taken on Bogor, 2012 February 3th. Posted first time on Lensa Khatulistiwa (my old photoblog) at 3th March 2012.

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  1. Bip... Bip... Bip... I love the banana trees... or should i say banana plant... cause it doesn't look like tress.... Bip Bip Bip....

    1. You sounds like bip bip bip, ow, I mean bip bip bip.. ow sorry again.. *glitch


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